China’s Flood Death Rate Reached Up 700

China was faced by two typhoons in less than a week. The first to arrive is tropical storm Chanthu and the second is Typhoon Conson.

The death rate now climbs to more than 700 and there are still thousands of other people missing. The typhoons caused much damage due to flashfloods and landslides. Since the climate is not that secure for the people, the government has recommended people to just stay indoors for safety purposes.

Southern and central China are the top regions suffering much from the heavy rain falls, causing flooding and landslides.

Tropical storm Chanthu is expected to cause landslide in Guangdong and Hainan provinces on Thursday. Typhoon Conson went around the region in Hainan and killed two people, before leaving and heading its way to Vietnam.

The government said, as of Wednesday, there are already 701 people who died since the start of the year because of these typhoons; another 347 people are still declared missing.

China, with all its efforts, has been preparing for future typhoons to come. Their dikes have been improved and the huge Three Gorges dam is completed. The government is also citing massive clean power generation and flood control, other than their dams and dikes.