China as the Smartphone Market Leader

China may become the world’s biggest smartphone market in 2012, according to the sales they made of low-priced handsets, while Brazil and India will follow the title by 2016, based on a research company from the U.S.

China surpassed the smartphone deliveries in the US for two straight quarters in the second half of 2011, they will hold that impetus in this year and get ranking as the leading smartphone marketplace for the whole year of 2012, according to a forecast made by IDC or International Data Corp.

China is predicted to acquire 20.7% of the worldwide smartphone market this year, a little bit greater than the 20.6% for the US, based on the report.

On the other hand, India will be the reason for the 2.9% share of the global smartphone market and position as the 7th biggest country-level smartphone market in this year. Brazil will take 2.3% and will position as 10th, based on the report.

Android smartphones costed below US$200 were the most saleable last year, these phones are anticipated to keep the key for smartphone development, with costs turning out to be much more affordable on increased competition and dropping chipset prices according to IDC.

IDC senior market analyst Wong Teck-zhung cited that vendors will probably be another essential motor of smartphone development as giants manufacturers ramping up with big carrier orders because of their enthusiasm to make customized mobile phones. He also expected that Nokia and Samsung are going to make phones in bigger volumes in the low end with lower prices.