China’s Huawei Succeeds in Banning Motorola

The manufacturer of Chinese telecom equipment, Huawei has won a beginning injunction from a U.S. court excluding Motorola Inc. from moving business coverts in a premeditated contract with Nokia Siemens Networks.

The federal judge in Chicago order on Tuesday forbids Motorola, which is a seller of Huawei equipment, from moving some off the record information concerning the Chinese company pending resolution of the argument.

Previous month, Huawei Technologies Ltd. filed a complaint saying projected $1.2 billion sale of Motorola of its network equipment business to Nokia Siemens Networks, a Finnish-German joint business enterprise, would inappropriately move those secrets to a contender.

The things to see of the case are the increasing global existence of Chinese companies and their hard work to vie in technology markets. Huawei is one of the biggest makers of the world in telecom gear, with sales of $28 billion previous year, although has great effort to increase a toehold in the U.S. market against rivals such as Cisco Systems Inc.


Motorola decided prior year to sell its network equipment division to Nokia Siemens Networks however completion of the acquisition has been postponed while Chinese anti-monopoly controllers appraise it.

The verdict of Sharon Johnson Coleman, the U.S. District Judge distinguished that Motorola planned providing previous employees who move to Nokia Siemens Networks with access to secret Huawei information. It was not a ultimate choice but the judge said Huawei had a “realistic probability of victory” in showing its business would be debilitated.

The spokesman of Huawei received the result and wishes to resolve the argument so the Motorola sale could continue.

Ross Gan, a spokeperson said in a statement that “We have no interest in stopping the transaction between Motorola and our direct competitor.  We will, on the other hand, perform whatever is necessary to defend the product of our company’s many years of innovation.”

Previous week, Huawei decided to scrap it’s acquire of a small U.S. computer company, 3Leaf Systems, following a government safety panel declined to support the agreement.

In July, Motorola filed a court case condemning Huawei of attempting to steal trade secrets. Huawei deprived of the accusations.

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