China is Against EU’s Sanctions to Iran

China opposes the decision of the European Union regarding the sanction it will impose on the nuclear programs of Iran.

According to Jiang Yu, a spokesperson for China Foreign Ministry, the best way in resolving the issue of Iran’s nuclear programs is through dialogue and diplomatic means. She added, “China does not agree with the EU’s unilateral sanctions against Iran.” This is also true with the case of United States putting sanctions to Iran.

The sanctions imposed affected Iran’s foreign trade industry, banking and energy sectors. The European Union believed that the nuclear programs of Iran are created for purposes of war. On the other hand, Iran refutes EU’s decision because their nuclear programs were created for safety and peaceful purposes only, such as energy generation for its country.

United States and others who agrees with the European Union’s decisions are now pressuring China with regard to its stand agreeing with Iran. China’s opposition to EU’s decision might be because of the fact the country has “vast energy needs and investments” in Iran.