China Now Has 900 million Cellphone Users

According to government statistics, China has turned out to be the first country to have 900 million cell phone users.

In April, China included around 11 million mobile phone users.  This was only sufficient to carry the cell phone of the country user base to 900.3 million.

The numbers were enclosed in a report by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the country.

The mobile phone acceptance rate in China has been climbing for several years.  The country has around 787 million mobile phone users in April 2010.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the country has 811 million mobile phone users at the last portion of March. This stands for a raise of around 20 million users from the month before.

According to the CTIA, the United States has 303 million mobile phone users, an industry organization that stands for mobile operators.

China Cellphone UsersNokia is the largest handset manufacturer in China, which has a 29.6 share of the mobile phone market, according to Beijing-based research firm Analysis International. Samsung’s category is second with a 22.6 percent share.

Smartphone sales are as well increasing in the country with the expansion in mobile phones.  According to the Analysis, the gadgets presently structure around 28 percent of the entire mobile phone sales in the country.  The quantity is projected to attain 50% as the cost for smartphones reduce by 2013.

Android use is increasing the quickest in the smartphone market.  The quantity of Android users developed from 872,000 to about 11 million.

3G networks of China, which launched in 2009, are still used merely by a little part of the total mobile phone populace of the country. China had an overall total of 67 million 3G users.  However, analysts anticipate that quantity to go on to increase over the coming years.

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    That’s crazy – think about the data passing over the airwaves every second. This truly is the digital age!

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