Rumors Say Intel will be Designing China’s ZTE Mobile Phone

Intel is perhaps trying to provide a spot for their mobile chips by first penetrating the Chinese phone market, according to Bloomberg sources.  Their sources allege that Intel has presented designs of a handset based on an edition of Intel’s Atom microprocessor.  The phone will be produced by ZTE Corporation and might continue on sale in China.

Intel has been attempting to break into the smartphone industry with no much achievement, lagging far-off after competitors, and still also reliant than they would wish on the personal computer market. Presently there are no phones available that utilize Intel processors. The revelation move of Nokia jumping vessel from Intel to Microsoft back in February as well didn’t assist in the efforts of the company to create progress into smartphones.

China ZTE Mobile Phone

ZTE Mobile Phone

Claudine Mangano, a spokesperson for Intel refused to remark when asked concerning working with ZTE.  Mangano said, “In terms of the overall market, we recognize that we have some work to do, but we’re patient and we’re committed to the business. We have the right elements to be successful. We are working on a number of engagements, but are not ready to talk about them.”

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