Chip production collaboration between Samsung and Apple to end

A report on Tuesday tells that Samsung has probably been the largest sole component supplier to Apple and has worked together with Apple in terms of chip development. And this collaboration may come to an end now.

According to this report, the multibillion dollar component supplier of Samsung and its partnership with Apple is starting to break down. This is although Samsung is making the latest A6 chip of Apple being used in iPhone 5, the collaboration between the two companies has changed dramatically.

A senior official from Samsung was quoted saying that Apple has made it clear enough that it will no longer use the technology of its biggest competitor. Additionally, the official explained that Apple did all of the designs and Samsung made the production of the chips based on a foundry basis.

Moreover, the report says that Apple will be entrusting its future A7 chip production to the largest contract chip manufacturer in the world, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC. However, this action still depends on whether TSMC will take up to the challenge or not. The transfer of chip production from Samsung to TSMC is considered a big monumental undertaking.