Chromebooks Actually Get the Eye of Laptop Buyers

ChromebooksAmazon’s sales charts don’t essentially mean that Chromebooks are a hit. But they do at any rate show that Chromebooks are not a failure.

It’s been accurately one month since first Chromebooks — netbooks power-driven by Google’s Chrome OS, became obtainable for purchase, and up to now, sales appear to be holding up.

Brooke Crothers went over Amazon’s file of best-selling laptops, and found the number four mark taken by Acer’s 11.6-inch, $349 Chromebook. Apple’s MacBook Pro and some Toshiba laptops were on top.  Samsung’s Series 5, a 12.1-inch Chromebook with fixed 3G service for $499, is ranked tenth.

Amazon’s sales charts do not actually mean that Chromebooks are a hit. There are many other places to buy laptops, and PC producers tend to sell lots of different models, reducing the chances that any particular one will dominate.  But the chart does at least show that Chromebooks are not a failure.  People are actually buying them.

That was not a guarantee. Chrome OS is little more than a web browser and Chromebooks mainly are more expensive than netbooks, regardless of having no support for installed software and hardly any local storage.

For a major number of Amazon consumers, that’s okay. What Chromebooks need in tech specs, they make up for with big trackpads, solid keyboards, slim designs, and long battery life.  Those qualities are gradually more becoming more important than a raw performance particularly when all you’re doing is browsing the Web.