Chrysler Extends Recall to 2006 and 2007 Model Years

Chrysler and the U.S. safety regulators recalled the Jeep SUV’s from 2004 and 2005 models but on Monday, they extended the recall that includes the 2006 and 2007 model years. This is due to a corrosion issue for the models that have been running in a cold weather condition.

The action brings the total number of Jeep Liberty vehicles recalled in the four model years to about 410,000. Most of those vehicles, about 347,000, are in the United States. There are an additional 45,000 in Canada and another 17,600 in Europe, Chrysler said.

The first recall is totalling up to 410,000 units of Jeep Liberty SUV’s in the four model years. 347,000 units are said to be in the US, 45,000 in Canada and the remaining is in Europe, according to the car maker. The extended recall adds 137,176 units of Jeeps in the US.

The said action is affecting SUV’s in cold areas or cold weather conditions which could support a rear end suspension lower control arm break as a result of extreme weather conditions due to salt on roads during winter, based on a report from the U.S. NHTSA.

This control arm fracture may lead to accidents or crash because of the loss of control, according to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The car maker is not aware of any issues and injuries, they will pay for the replacement of the parts in the affected units, they said.