Chrysler Recalls Dodge Challenger V6 Cars for Electrical Problems

Another recall has been announced today. This time, it’s the card from the Chrysler Group.

The car maker announced a recall for the 4,459 units of Dodge Challenger V6 cars 2013 model to repair an electrical problem that could be harmful and much worse, could cause a fire in the car.

In the recall, Chrysler Group LLC is telling the owners of the car to stop driving the units as soon as they receive the recall and get in touch with the dealer and let them deal with the repairs free of charge. Chrysler said that there were 2,500 units already sold to customers and the remaining are still in the dealers.

Regarding the electrical issues, a short circuit could possible cause the wires to overheat and potentially catch a fire making it more dangerous especially when the owner is on the road. The company did not wait for any bad reports, soon as they noticed the problem, they announced the recall right away to avoid injuries to people.

This follows a massive recall of Toyota FJ Cruisers last week due to Seatbelt issues.