Clinton Declares New Sanctions for Pyongyang

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton announced that North Korea, specifically Pyongyang, has new sanctions that will make them suffer.

The sanctions were made for the Stalinist regime so that it will not anymore be misguided by the malign priorities it has. Clinton, who just recently visited South Korea, stated that the sanctions would help United States to prevent the Stalinist regime’s illegal activities. Those illegal activities help fund their weapon programs such as the nuclear weapons they acquired. This is also made to discourage additional actions that will promote unlawful deeds.

The top diplomats of United States and South Korea are pushing off Pyongyang to surrender and abandon its nuclear weapons. According to the two diplomats, these nuclear weapons would have serious consequences in the future. They pointed out that the security situation of the place might be affected by the consequences of having a nuclear weapon.

Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and their South Korean counterparts had an agreed statement that is urging North Korea to show that they are willing to abandon their nuclear weapons.

Gates said that they are willing to help in the process and effort of dedicated commitment to stop illegal activities and to abandon nuclear weapons of North Korea, especially Pyongyang.