Closed Door Tour of BlackBerry 10

The tour for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 was held in Hilton Hotel, Singapore. The session was exclusively for developers and unfortunately no cameras allowed.

According to a research of RIM, most of the BlackBerry users go to social networking sites daily, about 87%, and 26% of the users call or send SMS with others, around 50, weekly. This is indicating that this mobile platform is more social than the others.

According to some sources, the event featured some BlackBerry 10 feats and other stuff, even though there is still plenty of time for the platform launching.

For the developers which waited for quite a while for the BB 10, the maker of the phone, RIM, shared some research to them such as the 89,000 applications being downloaded, 220% increase of app demand, app vendors increased up to 40,000 which is 254% increase compared in the past 12 months, and 240% increase of app submissions for the PlayBook.

RIM also made the developers excited by letting them know they could make $10,000 for the first year of launching of the new phone, that’s if the apps pass the certification program which is also developed by RIM.