Co-founder of Digital Equipment Corp., Ken Olsen Dies at 84

The computer pioneer who discovered Digital Equipment Corporation, Ken Olsen has already died at the age of 84.  Gordon Collegein Wenham, where a science center was dedicated to Olsen in 2008 who announced his death.

Tom Phillips, former Raytheon chairman who served on Gordon College’s board with Olsen, said in a statement “He was a major philanthropist who performed his giving silently, never looking acknowledgment or thanks. Some contributions of Ken to business, guidance and technological modernism were matchless.”

Curriculum Vitae:

1926 – Born in Stratford, Connecticut, on February 20; 1944 – Entered the Navy; 1950 – Graduated from MIT with a B.S. in electrical engineering; 1952 – Awarded an M.A. in electrical engineering by MIT; 1957 – Co-founded Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) with $70,000.00 in initial cash; 1979 – Co-founded Boston’s Computer Museum;   1990 – Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame;   1992 – Retired from his position as President of DEC.

Ken Olsen

The “minicomputer” creator increase into a computer powerhouse, No. 2 in the nation after Big Blue, IBM Corp., with $14 billion in sales and helped guide the “Massachusetts Miracle,” the state’s rising economy in the 1980s.

However, Digital finally lost its border as the personal computer industry got off. Olsen was pushed out in 1992 and six years afterward Digital was absorbed by Compaq for $9.6 billion. Compaq itself was obtained by Hewlett-Packard.

On May 14, Gordon College has planned a public memorial service at its Wenham campus. The school moreover intended to discharge a documentary concerning Olsen afterward this year.

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