Commenting Features for Google Docs, Improved by Google

Google Software Developer has better the commenting features of Google Docs, putting together email correspondence.

Docs of Google beforehand had a comparatively essential commenting feature for files, on the other hand now the firm has not only permitted commentors to presume possession of comments but to as well put together email notification of comments. Users are able to put in comments to a document by just responding to the email.

“Next generation commenting system” has been occupied within at Google for months, A software engineer, Nick Cooper said. Cooper said, “The combination of added structure and intuitive email integration have really given life to the discussions that surround our documents, and we’re excited for this new feature to do the same for you,” Cooper said.

Google Docs

Commenting on documents may appear to be a comparatively ordinary feature but it is a very important feature for users who work together on documents. The skill for users to share Google Docs files simply with no need to install unwieldy applications creates this a mostly good-looking choice for project groups.

Office of Microsoft does have comparable commenting tools included, though not simply is there a degree of vendor confine concerned, it is faraway more costly than Google’s offering.

Presently Google speaks just personal Google Accounts and Google Apps customers will have right of entry to the new commenting features, which are being rolled out in the next few days. The firm added that the updated commenting method will just be accessible for latest documents.

Microsoft is facing an important risk to its Office cash-cow from free products for instance Open Office and Libre Office and currently Google Docs. Whether it be able to hold onto its market share will rely on whether the Vole be able to go with their pace of modernization and, even more momentously, lesser its high costs.

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