Coverage for the Comprehensive E3 by Gamasutra Have Started

Comprehensive E3 by GamasutraThis week tens of thousands of game industry professionals will meet on the L.A. Convention Center and the surrounding areas for the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the major players of the industry will be featuring their product techniques for the remaining of 2011 and beyond.

Editorial staff of Gamasutra will be on area at E3 with ongoing reporting on the important news initiating from the expo, coverage of the trends that come out and interviews with remarkable figures in game improvement.

Gamasutra readers could go after E3 news and more breaking game industry improvements in our news section, and as well go after E3-exact news in this dedicated Gamasutra E3 2011 page of this year, in connection with GamersFirst’s APB Reloaded.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, the three hardware manufacturers will bring platform-oriented press conferences this week, at the same time the major third parties Electronic Arts and Ubisoft will hold individual conferences to talk about their future arrangements.

Pre-E3 reporting has previously started, however reporting for E3 week formally kick off with press conference of Microsoft Monday morning.  The complete press conference program, to be attended by Gamasutra and written up in both breaking news and post-event analysis formats, consists of the following:

Monday, 9:00 AM PDT: Microsoft Press Conference Monday, 12:30 PM PDT: Electronic Arts Press Conference Monday, 2:30 PM PDT: Ubisoft Press Conference Monday, 5:00 PM PDT: Sony Press Conference Tuesday, 9 AM PDT: Nintendo Press Conference