Parents and Bew-Born Babies in ICU, Now linked Through New Technology

A healthy four-month old baby named Emma Kielthy was in intensive care 16 weeks ago at Ridgeview Medical Center.

The baby was born ten weeks ago and with 2 pounds and 12 ounces in weight.  She was born through caesarean section and whipped away for care before her mother might see and hold her. However, after that her mom got a surprise.

The mother of the baby (Emma) who was Lisa Kielty recalled, “I got this email the next morning…and I hadn’t seen her yet.”

The content of the email was written in a form as if it came from Emma herself.  This informed her mother Kielty concerning the updates on her delicate situation.  The email was produced through software named CribNotes.


The electronic medical record and data management system gets data doctors and nurses go into and make an email with information concerning things like weight, temperature and feeding times of the baby.  The latest technology is part of the efforts of Ridgeview Medical Center to assist parents keep on attached during the stay of the child in the neonatal care unit.

Dr. Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and medical director of Ridgeview Neonatal Care Unit, said, “There’s nothing natural about being separated from your newborn after delivery and anything we can do to make parents feel more part of their care is something that we as healthcare providers are really going to support and endorse.”

Every morning the message will be read by the parents of the baby, Emma and that was the first thing they would look for when they woke up in the morning.

Ryan Kielty, Emma’s dad said, “We couldn’t have Emma at home. She wasn’t the first thing we saw so just to look at our phone and be like she’s growing she’s doing great.”

From the time when CribNotes launched in November 2010 almost 60 babies have already been admitted to the neonatal care unit. The only hospital in a five state area to make use of this kind of technology is Ridgeview Medical Center.