Data overload by 2020, says Facebook

Facebook says that the amount of stored data all over the globe will be fifty-seven times more compared to the amount of sand grains on Earth seven years from now.

According to thesocial networking giant’s infrastructure engineering vice president, Jay Parikh, the proportion of the challenge of accumulating data was much larger than what Facebook has ever thought.

Today, Parikh has addressed the summit Open Compute Project that has taken place in Santa Clara. This event was promoted by a lot of the major manufacturers of cloud storage hardware and server all around the world, who are also working hand-in-hand to be able to look for ways in storing expomemtially growing amounts of information.

Data centre configuration and the cloud has become a very big concern for Facebook, having over one billion users all over the globe. This has been the key driver of the Open Compute plan and it includes hardware giants like AMD, AppliedMicro, and Intel.

During the discussion in the summit, Facebook has revealed that it had invented an approach it called three-tier approach in the storage of photos. This involves shifting older photos fromm hot to warm to cheaper so-called cold storage. This came up as the user demand in viewing a certain photo reduced quickly over time.

Moreover, Parikh noted that ninety percent of the data stored had only been created for the past two years prior to 2010 when he stated that there was nearly 800 exabytes or 800,000 million gigabytes of data stored in the world.

Data overload by 2020, says Facebook


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  1. March 7, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    All the more reason to start using cloud storage, I can’t imagine what the server room would look like in 20 years probably would be many different buildings devoted just to them. .

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