Dell Streak 5 Pseudo Tablet, Officially Exterminated

dell-streak-review-us-sm-17Together with the likes of Samsung and Apple, computer manufacturer Dell was one of the first hardware dealers to shove a tablet gadget onto retail shelves.  On the other hand, Dell’s virgin foray, the small Streak 5, has since been concealed by bigger, more capable tablets.

Certainly, while tablet options with 7.0-inch and 10-inch touch-screen displays go on to attract the masses, Dell has decided to jerk the rug out from under its small 5.0-inch tablet/smartphone hybrid platform.

“Goodbye Streak 5” gives Dell simply by means of its official U.S. website, “It’s been a great ride.”

Unfortunately, on the other hand, that is not exactly true, not least because of the Streak 5 has largely failed to meet momentum because of languishing somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet but failing to satisfactorily convince as either.

Beyond the tight confines of its screen, the Streak 5 certainly did not cut the tablet mustard because of being equipped with an old-fashioned and non-optimized edition of Android operating system of Google, and a high asking value of between $300 USD and $550 USD.

Even though it’s very small 5.0-inch pretender is formally no more in the U.S., Dell is looking to keep a solid presence in the tablet sector thanks to 7.0-inch and 10-inch versions of the Streak platform.

The Streak 5 is so far available to buy through official UK online store of Dell for short-sighted purchasers.