Desktop Line-Up for Consumers, Restored by HP

HP exposed three latest towers for its customer desktop line. The Pavilion, thin tower Slimline, and higher-end Pavilion Elite series all acknowledged latest external plans. HP wasn’t excessively exact concerning the latest hardware specifications in the latest systems, although we do know HP is carrying second-generation Core of Intel (aka Sandy Bridge) CPUs to definite models in the entire three new systems.

Contrast the innovative Pavilion p7 series intend with that of the p6 series and you will observes that the p7’s latest appearance is actually more similar to a straightening up. The silky black front board is a little smaller than ahead of, and HP moved the power button down from the top of the chassis, but otherwise the Pavilion appears a little bit the same between generations.

We do not recognize the incremental artistic tweaks, particularly for a workhorse scheme similar to Pavilion of HP. On May 18, costing for the latest p7 models will begin at $299 when they open online. Besides to the latest Intel chips, HP will present AMD CPU choices also.

Pavilion Elite seriesWe are unsure concerning the basic Pavilion; however we admit some dissatisfaction in the new Slimline s5 plan. It also appears a cleaner edition of the prior model, but with smaller systems like Apple’s Mac Mini, and Dell’s Zino Inspiron HD performing capably in the living room; we’d hoped HP might trim down the Slimline’s measurements. It’s still as well bigger than Gateway’s SX slim towerseries, which has usually gave all of the configurability of the Slimline series, but with a considerably

HP appears to have decanted most of its plan effort into its Pavilion Elite h8 chassis.  Evaluated with the prior Pavilion Elite, which frequently appeared similar to tricked out

Normal Pavilion, the latest higher-end chassis features’ sharper angles and an additional streamlined front panel.

This is the merely model in the latest line-up for which HP particularly exclaims separate graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, with doble-monitor support.

The Pavilion Elite will debut on Web site  of HP beside the normal Pavilion on May 18th. The costing will begin at $599.

HP is also announcing a latest feature accessible on the entire three systems named HP LinkUp. Basically a local network file sharing service, LinkUp will allow  you draw down files from an HP desktop to a laptop on very similar wireless network.

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  1. May 26, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    This range of computers is pretty good – they’re some of the fastest out there at the moment. I suppose you DO pay for it though, I just reviewed a model which cost over a grand, but relatively speaking it’s not bad for the performance you get.

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