Digg’s “Online Democracy” Messes Up

A tremendous chaos has been going on in the social media after AlterNet published a story that there is a group of influential social media users who are active in connecting with “political censorship” on Digg, a popular social news network.

Digg is a social news website which functions as letting the people vote stories that are posted in the site up (“dugg”) or down (“buried”). The site was launched in 2004. Stories are being posted by users and the most popular stories are positioned on the front page of the site, having 25 million page views per month. It has been said that the popularity of Digg started and influenced other social networking sites to grow.

This type of “online democracy” does not actually speak for a clean freedom, but it’s actually messy. The AlterNet post by the author Oleoleolsen, accused a group of influential social media users of Digg who are connected in a political warfare. The group that has been accused of this is a right-leaning group, having a “widespread campaign on censorship.” The campaign is largely focusing in online cheating, like “having multiple accounts, upvote padding, and deliberately trying to ban progressives.”

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, announced through Twitter, that his team has put up efforts in investigating the said issue.

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