Digital Technology Boosts New Robert Zemeckis Film

With films similar to “The Polar Express,” “Monster House” and “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” below their belts, creators Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey are founded in performance-capture cinematography. And with Walt Disney Pictures’ “Mars Needs Moms,” they’ve capitalized on the newest progressions in both presentation capture and 3D, creating a visually mind-blowing familiarity for audiences.

According to Zemeckis, the technology has approached a long method. “The advancement is one thousand-fold. The team that created ‘Mars Needs Moms’ is the best performance-capture digital facility on the Earth. The movie – its imagery and the story the technology allows us to tell – is totally beyond anything you’ve seen before.”

Robert ZemeckisZemeckis utters there’s a significant feature of the drawing form that makes these films unique.  He said one of the great bonuses of doing a movie in performance capture is that it’s in 3D all the time. They have to create the movie in 3D just to do it. They now plan the movie to be presented in 3D, too. And when you’re doing a 3D movie that’s totally practical like ‘Mars Needs Moms,’ the 3D can be more stunning than you can do in any other shape. They’ve expended a lot of moment and energy designing the movies for the 3D familiarity for the spectators.

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