Droid 2 Launches with Froyo

Droid 2, the newest successor to the original Droid smart phone is going to have its launching within this week, as announced by Motorola and Verizon.

Droid 2 is the very first smart phone that will be launched with the latest version of Android, Froyo version2.2. It is also considered to be the first smart phone that comes with Flash10.1.

The original version of Droid 2 is said to have responsibility with regard to the popularization of Android in US.

The phone doesn’t have much of a difference regarding the features and functions of the original phone. Droid 2 still has “a vertical QWERTY slider with a 3.7inches WVGA touch screen,” which includes “a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash.” The phone also comes with a GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The changes or we can say developments of Droid 2 are the upgrading of ARM processor to 1 GHz and a built-in flash memory of 8GB. The slider mechanism of the phone is slightly revised and the keyboard was redesigned. However, the design of Droid 2 is considered to be less significant because it does not quite deviate from its original version.

The major development that has been added to Droid 2 is its software. Froyo was tested and observed that it “offers significant speed developments over the earlier versions of Android.”

Droid 2 is expected to come out in the markets by August 12, costing $199 with a two-year commitment.