Dropbox 2.0 Update for OS X

The cloud storage leader, Dropbox, is just getting better and better. In their latest update on last Tuesday, Dropbox made a few changes in the user interface design to the OS X menu bar. The changes include direct access to files, recently changed files and documents, and many more.

With the new Dropbox 2.0, the cloud storage company enhanced the capabilities of their software by allowing the users to directly access their files in the cloud storage from their desktops. The update features an advanced UI integration in the new redesigned drop-down menu that supports invitations and notifications in real time. Links, updates, and folders are also displayed in the new drop-down menu.

Among the new features, the ability to generate public links to shared documents seems to be the best enhancement. Users can see the links right away without hassling to find the file in the folders. This enhancement is only applicable to recently changed files in the cloud storage.

dropbox 2.0 OS X

Invitation notifications to shared folders are pushed right away and can be seen in the drop-down menu for a quick reject or acceptance. If the user accepts, he or she can click the link that quickly takes the user directly to the folder.