Light of the Day is Visible for Duke Nukem Forever

2K Games announced that Duke Nukem Forever will in fact observe the light of day. The publisher went on to declare that Gearbox Software has used the supremacy on the plan, saving it from expansion dividing line after the game’s innovative studio 3D Realms went beneath. Gearbox Software is accountable for designation for instance the newly victorious Borderlands.

The game will be on exhibit at this weekend’s PAX 2010 conference in Seattle, where journalists and gamers in presence can have a leave at the name 14 years in the creation.

Following years of being the punch line to innumerable vaporware funny stories, it appears that 2K Games is completely dedicated to revive the name permanently. The Wall Street Journal speech marks Gearbox president Randy Pitchford as speaking the game is already in the “polishing” stages, but forgives us if we are cynical regarding this one awaiting the heading is in our hands.