Leaders from Different Tech Companies Invest in Durham Mobile-Content Software Company

Jud Bowman, one of the founders of Motricity, has been paying attention to several distinguished shareholders to enlarge his Durham business of running “apps” stores for smart phone makers and wireless transporter internationally.

Pocket Gear, which Bowman established several years ago when he was still a teenager, publicized that it increased $15 million in business enterprise capital.

The newest shareholders include Tomorrow Ventures, the investment firm of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. As well lashing out in money: Trident Capital and BlackBerry Partners Fund, a support associated with Research in Motion, the Canadian company following the well-liked BlackBerry strategy.

Jud Bowman

The funding make stronger binds with two of the largest smart phone developers. It furthermore reaffirms that Bowman is increasing a company that’s a main player in the mobile-content manufacturing

Bowman said “It is absolutely on purpose to include the CEO of Google and to enclose BlackBerry; it’s on the subject of having sufficient resources on our balance sheet to position us as the strongest company in this space. This is actually concerning being stronger than some of our contenders.”

The financial support of Schmidt, one of the technology world’s mainly victorious executives, as well might facilitate PocketGear entice prospective partners and consumers in Silicon Valley.

Bowman said. “I am fond of being based here in the Triangle, other than enclosing a famous Silicon Valley investor is vital.¬† Google has made Silicon Valley much more significant in the mobile industry than it was just only some years before.”

A little of the money heaved will be utilized to enlarge PocketGear’s sales group and keeping on civilizing its knowledge. The company has 15 openings and persists to employ.