The “War” Among the E-Readers

An exclusive e-reader, Amazon Kindle opened three years back, appears to be still a most important attraction as an e-reader.  Tablet and e-reader markets are moving on two habits.

Certainly, in e-reader group, Amazon Kindle hits Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color and Galaxy Tab of Samsung. It is mostly for the reason that Amazon Kindle is for the unparalleled an e-reader and costs the least from others.

We can just state that Amazon Kindle, priced merely $139 has produced the most buzz in the e-reader category.  Instead of 2010 tablet revolution during Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle might endure as a restricted gadget for e-reading, according to market trends of 2010.


In fact, the following have the so-named e-reader facility:  Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook.  However, most of the time they are well-known for their multimedia features similar to video, audio and Web surfing abilities rather than e-reading.  Certainly, those gadgets have been valued getting account their extra features.

Amazon Kindle costs only $139 not similar to an entry level Apple iPad valued $499.  It is now consumers who want a gadget for e-reading will not be indecisive among Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle.  They will just go for Amazon Kindle.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color is a gadget that is able to be named together a tablet and e-reader. On the other hand, the gadget that features eight necessary applications resembling Pandora Internet radio, Crossword, Sudoku, Chess, a music player is valued $249. Nook runs on Google Android platform.

Sony Reader is furthermore in name an e-reader, although sports some multimedia features.  Amazon Kindle is the only restricted gadget as an e-reader in the market in a nutshell.