Early Purchase of Pokemon Black and White 2 will receive free Genesect

Nintendo will be giving pokemon trainers and gamers as well support for winning their battles, provided that these users are willing to show their support back for the Pokemon franchise.

Being a Pokemon trainer can be very difficult, especially if you have made some not-so-good decisions during the journey. It doesn’t matter how cute your pokemon is, if it could be killed with something just like a Dragonite. It is however a good news that pokemon trainers will be provided support by Nintendo by purchasing Pokemon Black and White 2 early on.

On Tuesday, the company has declared that every user who buys the latest installments of Pokemon from October 7 to November 12 will be rewarded with the chance to download the special scary-looking Pokemon.

Nintendo names the Pokemon as Genesect, a legendary bug and steel type of Pokemon. This pokemon is the final listed in both for National Pokedex and Unova. Primarily, this was introduced previous to the launch of the original Pokemon Black and White.



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