East Coast Verizon Employees on Strike Go Back to Work despite Ongoing Negotiations

verizon workersThe 45,000 land-line workers who have been on strike for two weeks will come back to work Tuesday though agreement discussions are continuing.

Thousands of striking Verizon telecom workers will back to work on Tuesday, even though their contract argument is not yet finished.

The 45,000 workers who have been on strike starting last August 7 agreed to go back to job while they negotiate with Verizon Communications Inc. on the terms of a new contract.  The employees are working in nine states from Massachusetts to Virginia in the land-line division.

Among the issues in dispute are the plan of the company to freeze pensions and its demand that workers give to their health insurance premiums.  The two sides for the moment say they have lessened their differences and have approved on an arrangement for the negotiations.

The executive vice president of human resources of Verizon, Marc Reed, credited the managers of the company with “ably meeting the needs of our customers” throughout the 14 day strike.

According to the company, it would “quickly address any backlog in repairs and unfulfilled requests for service.”