Erin Andrews Sued Hotels

Erin Andrews, an American reporter, who works for ESPN as a sideline reporter and sportscaster. She became a hot icon because of her popularity among male sports fans.

On July 15, 2010, Thursday, Andrews sued seven hotels because of negligence to the hotels’ responsibilities and in invading her privacy. The charges were filed at Cook County. Andrews demanded the hotels to pay her more than $1.2 million.

The seven hotels that were sued were the Marriot International Inc. , West End Hotel Partners LLC and Nashville Marriot at Vanderbilt University, Windsor Capital Group Inc., Radisson Hotels International Inc.,  Ashtel Inc. and Radisson Hotel Milwaukee Airport, Ohio State University and The Blackwell Inn; and Preferred Hotel Group Inc. and Summit Hotels & Resorts. The hotels were alleged to have not practiced their ethical responsibilities. This results to negligence of the hotels’ responsibilities to keep their customers private and safe. Andrews also filed a case to Michael David Barret for invading her privacy. According to Andrews, Barret was stalking her in her room. It was stated that Barret peeped through a hole in Andrews hotel room and made some video tapes of her. Barret pleaded guilty at Westmont with regard to his stalking to Andrews. Barret was imprisoned and sentenced for two and half years.

As hoped by Andrews, this should be a lesson to all hotel managements – to improve and be more ethical and responsible to their clients. She also hopes that this will be a start for the customers to be more vigilant.