Facebook’s Skype Video Chat vs. Google+ Hangout

Google+ HangoutWhen Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, pledged “something awesome” in the previous week after the launch of Google+, did he indicate an in-built Skype-powered video chat?

Google has held Google+ in postponement because of ‘insane demand’ of users, once it is out, it will challenge the Microsoft-owned Skype.

Google+ video chat, Hangout is browser-based and could be accessed from any OS.  Google is working with other browser developers, like Mozilla and Opera, hoping that they will support the technology in their browsers.

New video chat of Facebook will have a “desktop component” and “there’s very deep integration among the products and from the user’s perspective, the product will be an in browser experience.”

Google+ will permit chat with several people in the same video room from different locations such as Skype 5.0 Beta 2 edition but you require to be a Skype member for that and buying it would get $4.49 to $8.99 each month.

If Facebook is attempting to increase its user base by counting Skype’s 170 million users with its 750 million users, it may work if Facebook comes up with several actually wonderful offerings because of presently Hangout is an outstanding work by Google and it’s so far in process.