Mark Zuckerberg Wanted to Donate $100M to Avoid Bad PR

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg granted $100 million on September 24 to improve education in Newark, N.J. Facebook was hesitant to publicize the attempt for dread of having a good public relations prospect be concealed by the leader of “The Social Network.”

Mark Zuckerberg approved to drop down $100 million worth of his corporation hoard to start Startup: Education, an attempt to improve the public school organization in Newark, N.J.

The organizer of the world’s major social network made the proclamation on symposium tenure with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker, just hours after uncovering the action live on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is constructing the initial investment, which will extend the next 5 year, but he will not administer the resources. Booker and Christie will decent the resources as they see well while Zuckerberg keeps on  construcingt out Facebook, which sports more than 500 million users.

Nevertheless, Facebook scraped to push back the proclamation because it chopped down on the same day a controversial movie about the corporation, The Social Network, was launched in New York City.

Zuckerberg and Booker inveterated haggle over the timing of the verdict today on the call.

When requested whether the proclamation was timed to boost Zuckerberg’s status in front of the movie, which fundamentally paints the young CEO as a ravenous, back-stabbing programmer, Zuckerberg said:

“The moment was driven by the desires of Newark. The governor and the mayor can verbalize to this. As Oprah cited on the show now… the spot I was really most receptive about with the movie timing — I didn’t want the journalists about The Social Network movie to get conflated with the Newark venture, so I was finding about doing this secretly.”

Booker supported Zuckerberg’s remark, noticing there was some tense minutes between himself, Christie and Zuckerberg when conversing whether or not to do the proclamation the same day as the premier of the movie, which opens nationwide Oct. 1.

“I assume the Governor and I were actually imperative to go sooner and closer,” Booker said. “The show in fact became a snag because Mark’s side did not consider it would be fine for him to make a communal proclamation at this time because of the accepted sarcasm” continued by the media.