Facebook Changes Triggers Complains

Facebook ChangesFacebook unveils another update again but as expected, users around the world is again complaining about the new features. These changes are intended to make it easier to see updates from connections in the world’s most popular social network.

Various complaints are swarming around the internet today, this includes a “Petition against the new Facebook homepage” and we can see some of it in Twitter, which is also a very popular social network but doesn’t have complicated features that users usually complain about.

Some said that these changes of Facebook were moves to be more like the competitors Twitter and Google+ which is also getting big.

“#NewFacebook is like America,” according to a Twitter user.  “Plenty of people discontent(ed), but it’s not like anyone is actually going to leave.”  the user also added.

Almost all of the Facebook users complain angrily about these changes but still they are sticking and adapting with the popular online community.

Last week, Facebook launched the “subcribe” button letting the users follow people in a Twitter-style. This allows users to hear anything from the users that they follow but doesn’t need to be their friend.

Facebook did not announce any changes or updates in the future but we might as well expect it so won’t be surprised.