Facebook Earned $2.8 Million in a Lawsuit Against Typosquatters

Facebook recently faced a trial against typosquatters and earned victory. For those not familiar with the word “typosquatters”, they are people who are using names close to a popular name that possibly cause a confusion. In the lawsuit with Facebook, they are people who are registering domain names that are very close to a very popular site causing confusion to users and make money from it.

The Northern California District court ruled giving the win to the popular social networking site. Through this decision, Facebook earned a significant amount costing up to $2.8 million and takes control of those registered domains. In history, this favor for the social network site is the first big firm to win a case under the United States Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

facebook typosquatters

Here are the domains that were included in the case: gfacebook.com, facebooll.com, faacebok.com, dacebook.com facegbook.com, facebokook.com, and many more. If you notice, those extra letters are really close to the letters of the word “facebook” in the keyboard and typing those domains unintentionally is really possible when you are doing it very quickly.

According to the ruling of the U.S. District court, many of these domain names were registerd in bulk by just a single name or owner. One of such is “newgate” who registered around fifty domain names.

Craig Clark, the social network’s associate general counsel then released a statement saying that they very happy with the ruling. “We will continue to use all the tools at our disposal to enforce against those who attempt to take advantage of the people who use our service.” he added.

(image via: marketingland)