Facebook Free Call Extends to Android

The most popular social network is now expanding and enhancing their site adding more interesting features for the users.

Facebook introduced free voice call for the iPhone users that lets them call their pals on the social network, and now they are extending it to Android users. This feature uses the messenger app and can call through internet connections, WiFi, 3G and 4G.

Three months after rolling out the feature on iPhones, the social networking site introduced the feature to Android smartphone users in the US. It is anticipated that by Friday, users will be flooding using this great feature. Facebook said that no updates needed for the Messenger app to use the feature.

In the conversation, you can immediately use the feature by tapping the “i” button then the “free call” button to call the other user that you are talking to.

For those who have tried this feature on iPhones, they say is sounded fuzzy and the quality is poor. However, we are expecting that it won’t be the same with the android smartphones. But no matter what the quality is, it could be very useful for those who are saving voice minutes.

facebook free call android