Newest App in Facebook: Friendship Pages

A latest feature named the Friendship Pages will open in Social networking giant Facebook which permits the online friends to stroll near memory lanes and be acquainted with what they have shared at the location. Open remarks and “Wall” posts among couples of Facebook friends are as well establish on these pages. It as well holds pictures in which together the friends are recognized; events they specified they would concentrate jointly, and additional combined activities.

facebook Friendship app

A Facebook software engineer, Wayne Kao has expanded the aspect. Kao initiated working on the plan a few months before throughout an all-night hackathon.  Kao wrote in a blog post “One of my most wanted Facebook moments is browsing photos from friends in the News Feed later than they have started a innovative affiliation, gotten engaged or gotten married,” and he added “I comprehended that in the same way supernatural experience was promising if every one of the photos and posts among two friends were carried jointly. You would bear in mind that first Wall post with your best friend or the humorous photo from darkness away. You might even observe that moment when your beloved couple convened at a party you all be there. When it is among two people who share plenty, the page actually initiates to reflect their friendship.”

The conspicuous characteristic of these pages is its human side, Wao noted. “They can carry back memories, discussion and times exhausted jointly,” Kao said. Global director of corporate communication for Frost & Sullivan, Jake Wengroff noted that the innovative attribute will be liked by the Facebook consumers. “Each minute, 600,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook. For further active users — those with 1,000 or more friends — keeping pace with content from precise friends can be boring or hard, and Facebook Friendship pages can give an answer,” according to Wengroff.