Facebook Home Hits 500,000 Downloads in Just 5 Days

It would appear that Facebook Home has just surpassed 500k downloads on Google Play since launching on the platform five days ago on April 16. The app’s Google Play listing notes the milestone, and Ben Evans confirmed on Twitter.

Facebook seem to be successful with its Facebook Home software for android platforms. Since it’s launch 5 days ago, April 16, it surpassed the 500k-download milestone on the Google Play listing.

Just to be clear, Facebook Home is not an app but a UI (user interface) software. Its aim is to be at the center of your social network life through your android smartphone. With this software installed in your phone, you can see updates right from Facebook and your friends in the screen without having to unlock the phone, and you can send messages without the disturbing prompts in the center of the screen.

With the figures of total downloads, some say users are not all into the Facebook Home software. Maybe, just out from curiosity they tried the new software.

There are also claims that this is not true since downloads averages 100,000 a day since it launched. But when compared to other app such as Instagram, 500k in 5 days is not surprising or a blow-out. Instagram hits 1 million in one day when it became available in Android. That is blow-out figure.

Considering that Facebook has billions of users around the world, 500,000 downloads is just a fraction. But in defense, the software is only available to high-end smartphones only; HTC One X+, HTC Once X, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, and the Facebook Home optimized-HTC First.

But remember, Facebook owns Instagram.

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