Facebook Might Allow Kids but with Strict Controls from Parents

The debate over whether Facebook should allow kids under the age of 13 to join its site might soon be moot.

Kids under 13 years of age using the most popular social network, Facebook, has been a debate for quite a while now.

According to the report from Wall Street Journal, Facebook is closing in on letting youngsters under 13 to join the popular social networking site, yet these kids should not expect to get the similar rights as other users have. According to some sources who have talked over the concern with the social network management, Facebook is now testing a feature that restricts a kid to do what they want in the site. The testing includes a function that connects their accounts to their parents or guardians so they it can be managed easily. They are also thinking of a feature that parents would have the control to allow their kids to be friends with another person. Access over games and other applications are also controlled by their parents.

There have been rumors already coming out that Facebook, which does not allow kids under 13 years of age to join the site, was thinking of changing the policies. According to a report from Sunday Times, Simon Milner said that kids may be allowed in the networking site.