Facebook on Android Gets Updated

Android has updated its official Facebook application to version 1.3.0. The new version of the interface is much better than the previous one.

The Android’s version of the Facebook app is somehow similar to the iPhone’s version. The difference of the two are the icons Notes and Chat which in the Android version are missing. This is however regained by Android with their feature of photo gallery, which allows the user to browse more easily on the latest uploaded photos of their friends. However, the down part of this feature is that it never allows the user to tag the uploaded photos.

Features of version 1.3.0 functions quite the same with the previous version when it deals with Notifications. However, this certain application has a twist. When you get and click a particular notification, the application will transfer the user to a Touch-enabled website of Facebook. Compared to iPhone’s version, this is much different because iPhone’s version deals it within the application itself. However, the notification application is only limited to notifying messages, friend requests and event invites. Technology experts say that the iPhone version is much convenient because the user is notified with the messages, wall posts, friend requests and almost everything on Facebook.

The Android’s version also displays the user’s friends’ status and their info. But this feature does not always get updated, you should have enabled your Facebook integration so that this particular feature will be updated that often.

Android’s version somehow recovered from its down parts, because its version has something that the iPhone version lacks of; this is the Widget. It actually makes the user update easily with his status and view other updates from friends, without “running the application itself.”