Facebook Phone Leaks Before Event

Facebook is popularly anticipated to unveil a new operating system handled on Google’s android platform in an event due for Thursday. Rumors suggest that the social networking giant will release their own smartphone over HTC hardwares.

According to a tweet from the popular “evleaks”, which has been reporting unreleased phone rumors before their official announcements, said that HTC First could be the hardware for the Facebook OS.

Rumors about the smartphone developed by social networking giant has been making the rounds for quite a while already. But this time, is seems to be becoming true.

Latest rumors suggests that Facebook wants to release a platform that could compete against the iPhone. It will integrate with the social network into the hardware made by a dedicated phone manufacturer, and HTC could be the one according to experts.

The smartphone could feature a direct news feed and profile update in the homescreen and quick access to the Facebook integrated apps. According to some reports, these idea could be a big push to Android to the top with a UI similar to the social network’s iPhone app.

facebook phone HTC

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  1. April 3, 2013 at 9:44 am

    With over 1 billion members on Facebook can they sell many smartphones, we’ll be flooded by advertisements for their smartphone every time we go in to Facebook. Good or Bad??

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