Facebook presents new design for News Feed

A new design for Facebook.

On Thursday, Facebook has announced that they have redesigned extensively the News Feed of the social networking site. This is the front page users see accessing the site.

According to Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, the redesigned News Feed is being described as more visual and lets the users select the topics that are of more importance to them. Additionally, the links to articles and images are a lot bigger compared to the current visuals, which makes it much easier to view especially on mobile screens.

CEO Zuckerberg stated that this design is reflecting the evolution of the News Feed’s design. The redesign does not alter anything regarding the screening algorithm that Facebook uses in selecting what images or links to be showed up on the News Feed of the user.

Facebook presents new design for News FeedWith the new design, users will be able to trim down the topics they want to view on their news feeds. There’s for photos, publications, brands or celebrities, and there’s for music. The choices are all intended to address the concerns of content publishers and advertisers.

Moreover, the new News Feed is primarily inspired by the prevalence of cellphones. This is more especially noticed on how it is easy to take and share photos through mobile. Figures show that 25% of the posts posted in Facebook last year are all photos, giving them the idea to make the view much larger in the news feed.

At the end, executives of the social networking giant did not openly replied to whether or not it could mean more ads in the News Feed. However, they clarified that the new design would benefit a lot of advertisers because of the bigger space for adverts.