Facebook Rolls out Weather Forecast Feature

Facebook never gets boring especially when they introduce another useful feature.

The social network giant, Facebook, is adding a new feature in the Events – the weather forecast. We are not yet familiar with this feature if it is real-time but what reports says that it will appear if the event is within 10 days. It’s quite a useful feature, too, for those families and friends that are planning activities or have a picnic.

When creating and Event in Facebook, weather forecast is just right below the “when” section.

The weather forecast feature is available both in mobile and desktop versions of Facebook. Temperatures of the day is also visible so people may dress accordingly and bring anything that could protect them if its sunny or possible rain. Just perfect so everybody won’t be disappointed with cancelled events due to weather conditions. This can also help move the schedules or relocate the events.

Facebook is pretty useful today with its new renovations. It clearly wants to make its site a source of every online information that we need. The social network site is said to add a newsfeed feature for the users, too.

facebook weather forecast

Over the past few months, Facebook has made a lot of renovations and additions to its service. According to reports, they will also add a the “hashtag” feature so trending topics and events will be visible to all, just like Twitter. All these is said to launch in the following week so we should watch for it and enjoy the changes.