Facebook Seeks Apology to Banned User Posting Breastfeeding Photos

It is quite unusual for the social networking giant, Facebook, to ask apology to a user that’s not even doing or violating terms and conditions of the company.

A mother and user of the famous Facebook is complaining for banning her account and removing her photos showing or promoting breastfeeding to her fellow mothers.

Kristy Kemp, is a mother that maintains the Facebook group or page called Breastfeeding Mama Talk. The page has over 5,000 followers currently.

According to news report from KGO-TV in San Francisco, Kristy Kemp got mad and when she opened her account and found out that many of her photos showing breastfeeding were removed by Facebook. Then followed with the banning of her account.

She said that this action of the social network giant is just not right. “I’m trying to do good for mothers and I’m getting kicked off for posting pictures one of the most beautiful acts a mother can do for her kid, and it’s not right.” in the news report.

According to the policy of Facebook, photos of a breastfeeding child is allowed but fully exposed breast is not. This is clearly a mistake of Facebook and now the company is asking the mother for an apology. The account seems to be back to normal now.

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