Facebook Translate Feature

Facebook Translate FeatureFacebook, the most popular networking site in the whole world is on a new gig again – this time, it’s translating languages.

The company is reportedly working on a new real-time translate feature in Facebook that will convert a post or comment to a user-default language with just one click of the mouse. In other words, the 750,000 million users of Facebook worldwide can now communicate with each other without having to worry about the language.

It is not clear yet how this service is being tested but according the Eric Eldon’s report, some users can now see a “translate” link that appears next to the “like” link listed in the comments. This link only appears on the comments written in a language which is different from a user-default: example, the “translate” button will appear in the comments written in Mexican if your default language is set to English but Facebook won’t ask to translate comments in English even if it is misspelled or grammatically wrong.

No sign yet of how this translation features of Facebook might work for those words that are esoteric.

For now, the translate link seems to be working for a selected number of language, including Hebrew, Chinese, French, and Spanish. If users want to see the original post after translating it, the “original” link will replace the “translate” link.