Facebook Update for Android

Facebook Update for Android Running Smartphones

For some who logs in to Facebook using their phones running on Android, you should now update the app to version 1.9 and enjoy the new features that it brings.

To begin with, there’s a handful of performance related enhancements which have improved the feel of the interface and also have made it much less laggy. It is now faster and smoother. Should your smartphone hasn’t received the update option yet, you may manually navigate to the official Facebook app through the Google Play Store and click or rather press update.

Some improvements include:

  • Users can now create group messages or add their friends to existing group conversations
  • Home screen shortcut for easier photo sharing and message
  • Messenger icon that lets you chat to your friends
  • Enhanced overall performance as well as other bug fixes

For the camera, it will not use the default camera application like it did before. It loads a separate Facebook camera app and lets you instantly share the pictures that you’ve taken from your phone. Another cool feature about the new update is that the interface is minimalistic and lets the user upload, tag, and share photos instantly with location – but you can disable the location feature according to your preference, and scrolling to the feed is now faster and smoother.

Once the update is done, don’t be surprised if it will take a while but when it’s done, every thing is pretty nice and smooth. So far, no crashes, errors, lags, or freezes, the update seems to be pretty stable, maybe it depends on how many apps you have used first before opening the Facebook app. The messenger app is pretty cool too, you can separate who is online and who is not so it is easier.