Rumors Say That Facebook Will Start VOIP Service

There is one feature of Facebook that has been deeply missing for a long time, the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) even though Facebook has been adding together some latest features.  However if this information is accurate, then we might obtain that feature very soon.

“So I was just chatting on Facebook chat and I found the choice to ‘call’ my friend, it rapidly vanished,” according to a Facebook user Tipster Williams.  This Facebook user was actually competent to put a VOIP call over Facebook with this ‘innovative’ feature revealed for several time.


This information obtains additional trustworthiness for the reason of prior reports concerning HTC and Facebook joining up for something, with HTC ready to boaster Facebook branded hardware at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 at Barcelona, Spain, in February. Is it true that Facebook will really go into this new project or it is just a rumor?  Just a moment in time will inform us regarding this matter. However, this is an extremely possible choice for a social networking website for instance Facebook, as it will perhaps get it to the next level of its increase with VOIP incorporation. It will perhaps race with Google, which has its own VOIP service, even though it is presently limited only to US, and this would probable be the case with Facebook also. Facebook will have to confirm that it receives additional concern of its safety, allowing for that there have been some security violations on this social networking website lately, according to what have been said.