Latest Facebook App Have You Waiting

If you leave your boyfriend, you’ll be more contented.  Someone’s might just be waiting for you at the Facebook WaitingRoom.

You might consider that the Breakup Notifier was sufficient to make love’s route run smoother than your personal coarse performance has directed to result. Breakup Notifier is a Facebook app that informs you the minute one of your many crushes became single.

Although WaitingRoom doesn’t desire you to sit lazily by as the person you have put your practical eyes on creates an untidiness of his or her years. No, WaitingRoom really tells them that you’re coming up there, ready to brush them off their feet and into an improved life.

How can one not approve of WaitingRoom’s deepness of sympathetic when it comes to human relationships?


The Web site says that it’s completely confidential. No one will recognize that you’ve in use one step further than Facebook pestering. And, in an extremely kind gesture, the site assures never to issue something on your Facebook feed.

You may speculate that this app may present the possible for fisticuffs among former and future lovers. But, wait. The site stays for 48 hours after you’ve busted up before enlightening the individualities of your fans.

So it’s a small like blackjack. The house has 19. You have 17. Would you like one more card?

As the site it so cunningly states: “If you’re already in a connection, WaitingRoom will provide you the self-assurance to become single again–if that’s what you actually want.”

Oh, doesn’t everybody desire amazing better, amazing fresher, something more appealing? But just visualize if you do inform your lover farewell. You hurry off to your WaitingRoom, only to find out it is filled of very sad appearing people.

And, certainly, a couple of your lover’s BFFs.

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