Facebook Spent $8.5 Million to Purchase Fb.com

How much money did Facebook fork over when it obtained Fb.com the previous year? $8.5 million, over 42 times the quantity the company at first paid for Facebook.com.

In was discovered that Facebook was launching a refurbished edition of Messages.  In united SMS, messaging, chat and e-mail into one interface, even though Mark Zuckerberg frequently iterated that, “It’s not e-mail.”

One attribute of the innovative Facebook Messages is that it allocates you a modified Facebook.com e-mail address. If a friend sends a message to your Facebook e-mail, you will get it in your Facebook Inbox. Unluckily, workers of the Facebook were utilizing the Facebook.com area for their e-mails by now, so they had to change to one more area, which is why Facebook desired to purchase Fb.com in the first place.

fb(photo credit: techcrunch)

Facebook obtained the area for a moment the year before from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which utilizes fb.org as its primary area. According to Reuters, at its yearly meeting in Atlanta, the non-profit discovered that it earned $8.5 million on the sale of fb.com.

The previous glamorous domain acquisition by Facebook was for Facebook.com, all the way back when it was recognized as TheFacebook. The company paid $200,000 in August 2005 to obtain the area, 42.5 times below what Facebook used up to get fb.com. While the Facebook.com buy was luxurious for the company back then, it is an asset that has obviously paid off. Obviously the company’s hoping that fb.com will drop in the same site.


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    I m so addicted to FB to such an extent that I can’t Live witout loging in to Facebook each day….I’m don’t want to quit Facebook, but I’ve to cut my daily time on the website at least by 50%.Suggest me how to reduce the tym spend On Facebook each day?Thanks…

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