Ferrari Team was Fined $100,000

Eddie Jordan, the former team owner of Ferrari, said that the rule of “banning teams from giving orders to their drivers that affect the outcome of the race” should not be followed and be removed from the game’s rules.

The Ferrari team was fined with an amount of $100, 000. This was after showing that they gave Felipe Massa a coded order to let Fernando Alonso win in the latest German Grand Prix, Sunday.

This rule came to order in 2002 when Rubens Barichello let his team-mate Michael Schumacher a gifted win.

Ferrari Team

The dropping of the said rule divided the opinions of the whole Formula 1 circle. Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world champion, considers his team’s argument. Schumacher benefited from getting coded orders from the Ferrari team after Barichello let him pass through him in the game in Austria in 2002.

The Ferrari team was also passed on FIA, the governing body of Formula 1. FIA has the power to give proper sanctions to the team and also deduction points or even a racing ban.

According to the Ferrari team, the incident at the German Grand Prix was just a “driver’s decision.” The driver has also the power to choose if he will follow the coded orders or not.