Fight in Beijing Apple Store While Lining up for iPad 2

In Bejing’s Sanlitun Apple Store, four people in line were harmed after a struggle broke out over the weekend. The trouble started when a scalper or a group of them cut in line, according to comments from those linking to Chinese media report.

State-driven media of China reported that a foreign member of staff of the Apple Store entered the line and strike two older women and two young men with a metal club. Glass windows of one of the store were broken. At least one person was trampled and another experienced a broken nose during the scuffle.

Remarks on some of the sites reporting the occasion called the state’s reporting false after the news begun to spread. While the injury side of the story stays constant, other clarifications say the struggle was between a Chinese store non-foreign worker and a scalper or group of them who cut in line. As they fought, resulting in the broken nose, the crowd itself caused the other three injuries and the wrecked door.

Fight in Beijing Apple StoreThe police proved the battle begun with a worker and a unruly line by means of a video. The employee was read the demonstration act and decided to upwards of 2 million Yuan in medical expense reimbursements. They were not competent to corroborate if the people injured were scalpers. On the other hand, the occurrence of scalpers was elevated; consequently that is a strong opportunity.

It was recognized by local media that several were selling their places in line because of its measurement lengthways, whereas others loaded the line with families and friends in turn to beat sales restrictions and later resell the additional gadgets.

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