Firefox 12 with Silent Update Feature from Latest Release of Mozilla

Tuesday – Mozilla launched an update for the latest version of Firefox 12, which comes with “silent updates” – a feature that updates the browser without prompting or bothering the user anymore – among other improvements.

Mozilla first assured silent update feature for the Firefox 13, however the feature makes its way into the latest release today.

“Firefox simplifies the update process for Windows users by removing the user account control dialog (UAC) pop-up while maintaining the security of your system,” according to a blogpost from Mozilla. “Once a user gives explicit permission to Firefox on their first installation, they will not be prompted again for subsequent releases.”

This past year, Mozilla turned Firefox in to Chrome-like fast release cycle – it launches a new browser version much faster.During the past, browser updates rarely happens, sometimes takes a year for the new versions to appear but this year alone, Mozilla released 3 versions of its Firefox – 10, 11, 12 and the upcoming 13.

According to the browser maker, Firefox 12 also brings 85 enhancements to built-in programmer tools. “For example, developers no longer need to reload the page to see messages in the Web Console, and Scratchpad adds Find and Jump to Line commands to the editor. Our improvements touched on every one of the built-in tools…”